Daves Creek K-5 Does It Again!

Kudos to the Daves Creek
K-5 Chess Team


The Daves Creek K-5 Team has done it again! For the past 4 years, Daves Creek has either been K-5 Georgia Elementary Champs or Co-Champs. This year is no exception.




Congratulations to the team and their Championship Chess Coaches—Chris Wiley, Jason Wright, and Steve Schneider


Grade    Rating

                   5       1801 Gokul, Anshul

                   4       1736 Qiao, Caden

                   2       1469 Qiao, Evelyn

                   5       1064 Dhinakaran, Harith

                   4       966   Karamchandani, Aarin

                   4       574   Madichetty, Arjun

                   5       706   Kolla, Manvith


And, this school is determined to go further. There are now 17 Daves Creek players registered to participate in the National Junior High (K-9) Championship, April 6-8, in Atlanta. With this great turnout for the Middle School (K-8) Championship, they hope to bring home some National Trophies!





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